Want the look of real bricks
without the weight?


There’s something about the look of bricks that touches our hearts. They speak permanence and solidity. Bricks have been around for centuries. In fact, the first fired bricks date way back to 3500BC. But sometimes the weight of bricks is a problem. It means full bricks may just be too heavy for you to use.




Our steel-backed brick cladding means endless possibilities for you

Since 2005, we’ve been cutting brick tiles from real brick to produce strong, attractive system that you can use to give your home or business a unique look.

So when you want the look of real bricks, without the weight, talk to us. Our Steel-backed bricks five you lightweight brick cladding with a myriad of uses.


Let your imagination run riot when using your favourite bricks. We’ll supply brick tiles cut from any Australian-made bricks – or bricks from around the world, if that’s what you want. We place them into a unique steel backing to form beautiful but lightweight brick walls.


Whether your project is residential, or commercial, we’ll brick clad whatever you need. Second storey additions. Extensions. Commercial interiors and exteriors. Bars.

Restaurants. Shop fit-outs. Suspended ceilings – yes, really. Whatever you can think of, we can lightweight brick clad it for you.

Our System Allows For Movement

Our lightweight brick wall cladding is not only extremely strong, with its steel-backed rail, but it also allows for movement. Conventional brick walls won’t cope with movement. They’ll crack or even fall, depending on the amount of movement.

But our steel-backed brick system can be used in mine subsidence areas, and they’re also favoured in places subject to earthquakes, like New Zealand and Japan.

Real Bricks, Just Thinner

At Steel Backed Brick Company, our complete focus is on authentic brick cladding to enhance your project. We’ve been designing and supplying steel-backed bricks for so long, its almost in our DNA.

If you want our steel-backed brick system installed for you, give us a call.

Brick Paving

Want brick paving without full bricks? No a problem. We’ll cut bricks to be used for thin paving. We’ll also cut other masonry products – or even natural stone.

Our Brick Systems Are Ready When You Are

We cover all aspects of light weight bricks. Brick tiles. Brick slips. Brick veneer. Brick cladding. Thin bricks. Lightweight brick cladding system. Rustic brick veneer. Even subway tiles, brick floors, and brick pavers.

Want to use recycled bricks? Not a problem.Heritage bricks like Victoria red classics, or NSW Recycled commons, not to mention convict sandstocks. We can work with any brick you want.

And as for styles, we can cater for stretcher, herringbone, stacked bond, and mechanically fixed brick and rail facade systems.

We’ll brick your archways. Bulkheads. Raked ceiling and vaulted ceilings.

Let us show you how.

Lightweight Brick Cladding Applications




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The Steel Back Brick Company Difference

Over 30 years of expertise with design and supply we can give you a product with the winning edge.


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