Brick cladding is a process that has been around for decades and is extremely common & sought after by homeowners and business owners alike. It is the process of using a single layer of bricks on top of a steel or wooden structure to give the appearance of a brick wall or a brick house without the costs and weight associated with a full brick structure. 


There are many different ways to go about brick cladding in your home or business and at Steel Backed Bricks we offer cladding options that are even lighter and more affordable with our steel backed brick cladding system. 


We have been working on brick cladding systems since 2005. Our steel back cladding system works by taking bricks that have been split in half and connecting them to a steel backing that can be put up to create a brick wall, brick floors, or more. 


By cutting and slimming the bricks down it makes them lighter, more cost effective, and thinner than using a full brick which helps to cut costs and also minimise the space the wall could take up and makes it more accessible as there is less need to worry about the strength of the structure behind the steel backed wall. 


We cut your bricks into the exact shape and style that you are after to make all of your design dreams come to life. Check out the gallery page on our website to view work we’ve done in the past and contact us today to find out exactly how we can bring your vision to fruition. 


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