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custom brick cutting services – iTS ALL ABOUT ACCURATE CUTTING


Our brick cutting services are second to none. For more than 15 years, our family business has provided custom brick cutting services to builders, designers and home owners.

We’ve worked on a range of projects that not only rely on precision brick cutting, but on our expertise with all bricks – from standard ranges to any bricks provided, and cut to different sizes if required – and our unparalleled design skills to enhance every project.

Over the years, we’ve developed new look brick cutting techniques to suit a range of brick types, styles and custom shapes.¬† Our specialty machinery evolves constantly to stay state-of-the-art to give the best results from our work for you. And we’ve formed solid partnerships with our suppliers to create the tools we need to bring your dream concepts to life.

We can cut most brick stock to suitable sizes for you. That includes standard dry pressed brick, extruded stock, sand stock, glazed, and so much more.

We don’t just cut faces. We cut corners, soffit bricks, bull-nose bricks, floor pavers and steps. And we’re accurate. We stake our reputation on it.

Did you know that corners are vital to make your project look perfectly finished ? We’re experts at brick corners. Planning these makes a truly realistic brick finish – for solder courses, window sills, bulkheads, archways, columns, piers, bar returns and more.

Talk to us about your special project and we’ll make it happen for you.


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