Anyone can claim to be able to cut a brick but can they cut that brick accurately and efficiently? And can they deliver that brick to site with minimal damage and most importantly clean stock? Steel Backed Brick can!

For 15 years Steel Backed Brick has been providing custom brick cutting services, to builder, designers and home owners. Not only do we provide standard ranges we hold we can cut any bricks provided and into size which will make your project easier.

Brick cutting techniques have been delivered over the years to suit a range of brick types, styles and custom shapes. Speciality machinery has been manufactured and partnership have been formed with our suppliers not only to create the tools required but to bring your dream and concept alive!

The majority of brick stock can be cut to suitable sizes from the standard dry pressed, extruded stocks, sand stock, glazed and the list goes on.

Not only are faces cut, we can cut corners, soffit bricks, bullnose, floor pavers, steps and most importantly accurately!

Corners are vital to the project looking spot on, taking the time to think and plan means a realistic brick finish, this can be used for solder courses, window sills, bulkheads, archways, columns, piers, bar returns etc. talk to us we can make it real.


Send us an email or call for a competitive and customised quote to meet your brick solution needs.