At Steel Backed Brick Company, we do our best to cater for everyone. This means we try to deliver to as many areas as possible. We can deliver Australia wide and well as overseas if required. 
Depending on the size and details of your order we can custom the best options – small orders are shipped in boxes with courier companies, larger orders are placed on pallets and are delivered to warehouses, commercial premises etc – specialised trucks can also be organised with tallifts, cranes, or forklifts on board for easy offload, Please contact us for any specialised details

The delivery time for our bricks can vary depending on the quantity and the delivery location. However, we do our best to have your bricks despatched within 3 business days after your order is placed.

Brick cladding is a slimmed down brick and it is roughly 20mm thick. We have many brick options ranging from 18mm to 28m in thickness. You can find out more on the shop page.

At Steel Backed Bricks, we have many different brick options which all range in weight. Where regular bricks may weigh up to 190kg per square metre, we have options ranging from just 30kg-50kg per square metre.

We offer a huge range of different brick types that can be cut to suit your specific design and taste. We specifically offer a huge variety of recycled bricks and can have them meet any style you need including herringbone, stretched, and more.

A steel back brick option is the perfect way to get that real brick look in your home or business without worrying about the weight that is associated with full bricks or the fake look of ‘brick style’ alternatives.

Yes, get in contact with our team today through the contact link on our websites and we can discuss ways to bring your brick design dream to life with our steel back brick solutions!


Send us an email or call for a competitive and customised quote to meet your brick solution needs.