Professional brick cladding experts

Over 30 years of construction experience and know how has made the Steel Backed Brick Company an industry legend.

Our team of dedicated professionals go above and beyond to provide the perfect lightweight brick solution for your project, and they have the practical experience to make it happen. Turn your vision into a stunning reality.

Competitive pricing is just the beginning. We have the know-how. The years of experience. And we have the reputation of unparalleled service that sets us apart.

Its a no brainer. You want a company that takes the time to find out exactlty what you want. One that can advise you. Can go the extra mile for you. A company that can bring your dream to a brilliant reality. You want Steel Backed Brick Company.


We design. We supply. And we can install, if that’s what you want. Give us a call to see how our installation can work best for you.

We offer you:

  • Real lightweight brick solutions
  • Bricks with the strength of steel
  • Real brick with strength and style guaranteed
  • Maintenance-free real bricks, tiles and slips
  • All bricks, all bonds and all finishes

No risk

We can brick anything – and we do. And we unstand the challenges of deliveries and installation on site. And our 25-year structural guarentee is lengendary. Why risk it with anyone else.

Ask our competitors to show you their reports and certifications. We are more than happy to show you ours.

So dont settle for fibro, weatherboard or anything else, when you know you want brick. Contact us today and get that happening for you.


Send us an email or call for a competitive and customised quote to meet your brick solution needs.